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In the Face of Doom!




As we all know, Bonereapers are pretty much kicked in the jimmy with 3.0. That said, I won't be deterred. Many other toys have distracted me from them, but I just finished a few quick job models and wanted to share.

I have no idea when, or if, I'll ever spend the time needed to make a truly nice looking model for this army, but at least I'm still churning.

Here they are.



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That’s the spirit mate.

Even if the army got worser, or isn’t top tier as it once was, as long as you have fun, not much will chance.

Hey and as a fellow skaven player/beastmen player, I can tell that it is much more fun to win a game with an underdog army.

it is much more challenging and, you can call yourself a real strategic player.

unlike all those waac players😜

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