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Sylvaneth Army Lore n stuff for 3e




A mood has struck me to make a second post today after fiddling around with my tree people.  So I made a battle line shot and decided to make a post where I can post some ideas for future updates to my project in the near future.  
As a place holder I’ve taken a few photos of the army so far and a few up close for you folks to look over. Any comments or concerns are always welcome In the corporate tree people offices.

I love a few of these models in particular the heroes that I have accumulated over the years including a knight incantor, old dark master battlemage guy who doubles as an inquisition type guy, a darkling sorceress with bad charisma as she has no thrilling thrills.  Aramathea or something sounds like a good name.🤪

I have got a unit of iron drakes that make me happy to look at but I feel they would be cooler as Ironbreakers from time to time.  I have also got a unit of terradons that always made me come up with the idea to have a small seraphon embassy in my homebrew free city 

speaking of Arranoc I think now that Alarielle has cast she great crashing wave of a spirit song that spread to all the realms it could logically reach the wandering isle.  It has healed the Wellspring of Renewal  and now the Last of the Shimmering Isles has come to a final rest in the regions east of Verdia in the Evergreen Swathe. Now the mighty Spirt of Durthu known as the Oaken King has rallied his people to war now with the song of Alarielle burning so strongly in his heartwood.  Great processions of newly grown Harestboon dryads pour forth from the soul pod groves even as new groves spread voraciously over the mountainous remains of the once mobile city.  Now a warren for foul skaven and still wracked by the curse of the nighthaunt pouring from the depths as the Darklings and Duardin work tirelessly to clear old levels and purify sections that were tainted during the Tzeentican invasion.  Still haunted by the sins of the past the Druids of the Inner Temple have escalated their witch hunts  by a magnitude and now entire districts have become active warzones as long hidden chaos and death cults rise up in response to the isle settling finally and the over abundance of soul pod groves which have over taken maybe neighborhoods and warehouses that’s had to be seceded to the fey creatures or feel the wrath of the branchwyches wrath.  To live in Arranoc in the Era of Beasts is both terrifying as it is hopeful for there is a small seed that is rapidly growing and soon the city with clean its streets and then turn their eyes outward as the Oaken King has.  His crusades have crushed many chaos strongholds and cleared much of the regions around the city of dire foes.  

As this new edition advances I’d like to invite you to embark on the journey of this free city and feel free to offer suggestions as to how I should advance the story!












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The Oaken King Dramareth is an ancient and mighty sylvaneth warrior who has lead the households of Arranoc in countless wars in his long existence and has garnered a mastery of warfare rivaled by no other in whole of the free city.  Never making ties with any Glade until the coming of the Age of Chaos.  Stranded on the wandering isle he swore an oath to the Everqueen to preserve the purity of the Wellspring of Renewal in the face of the ravages Chaos.  He instructed the humans and Wanderers that were stranded together to work with the sylvaneth to work as cohesive shock force that could mobilize quickly and respond to unrest and armed revolt.  Long has the Pyrofane Cult under the manipulations of the Feathered Lord who sought to corrupt the Wellspring with a shard of the Crystal Labyrinth in an effort to create a mobile font of Chaos magic fueled from the the Realm of the Change God.  Only once has the Lord of Change manifest on Arranoc within the walls of the Inner Temple.  The Council members who withstood the honeyed lies of the Changling were slain where they stood and the form of the Oaken King Dramareth moved forward to intercede stirring from a long dormancy.  Quickly he rallied his wrath upon seeing the sacred ground defiled and he heft his Guardian Sword with a speed to defied his great age and size.  As the greater daemon manifested a horde of horrors poured out behind it into the city as flamers and screamers took to the sky bound by the Feathered Lord’s will.  As the daemon began to chant an invocation to corrupt the Wellspring the ancient Spirit of Durthu struck.  Bounding through Change fire that wracked his bark with searing cold and transmutations to come upon the Lord of Change.  In one mighty blow he broke the wards of the daemon and cleaved it’s head from its neck.  As it’s ichor settled in the dust the warriors of Arranoc set out purify the city of Change corruption.  As the new era has dawned the Oaken King Dramareth has stirred once more but not to violence but from a renewed connection to the Everqueen.  Renewed and invigorated by the rebirth of the Oak of Ages the Spirit of Durthu has begun mustering the forces at his disposal to answer the call.  Through the spirit song he hears the call of his mistress and has struck out into the lands of Verdia to find the source of the song.  

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The forest spirit know as the Thorn-Revenant is a caring and nurturing creature that walks among the forest folk mending the wounded and bringing wonderous gardens into life all across Arranoc.  She has been a constant presence for as long as any being can remember nurturing soul pod groves and growing new sediments of the city as new dwellings are required.  Some believe her a saintly manifestation of Alarielle that came to the city when it was separated from the realm of Ghyran .  The truth is she was once a priestess of the Life Goddess who dedicated her life and soul to creating and nurturing life.  Spending her long aelven life to aid and guide numerous generations of humans.  By her efforts life was made better for the many and the Goddess took notice.  Displaying a compassion for the Aelf upon her deathbed for all she has done her soul was taken into the loving hands of the goddess and planted in a soul pod to grow into a sylvaneth.   With the dawning of a new hopeful Era the Thorn-Revenant has joined the Oaken King in his quest and has begun to sing into live Wyldwoods all around Arranoc and has promoted the surge in Forest Folk generations rising up all across the city.  As the Harvestboon make communication after ages of isolation the Thorn-Revenant stands as diplomat singing back and forth with ancients of the Grove to learn about this new dynamic to the sylvaneth politics in Arranoc.  Aided by the arrival of an Arch-Revenant she has convinced the lesser households to mobilize around the Oaken King and seeks out the horn-song that has been surging the Wellspring of Renewal with rejuvenating Jade magic. 

Under the guidance of the Thorn-Revenant the Arch-Revenant Saldari the Swiftsong who recently arrived in Arranoc has begun to mobilize the households of all the different clans and petty tree lords into a cohesive and effective guerrila warhost.  Striking from unseen angles with the bands of Tree-Revenants that have long defended Arranoc from foes within the city and such work closely with the other races by responding quickly through the city along the infinite ley lines laid down by each generation of Druids.  She has become adept at coordinating the wargroves of the Oaken King with the human warriors who feel the religious calling of following the Spirit of Durthu to war.  As the Druids and their myriad allies in Aelven witch-cults to bands of mad spite-revenants have begun the cleansing of the ruined districts of the city and under-city where the Darklings and Duardin stood shoulder to shoulder against the horrors of chaos.  With a crucial proving ground Saldari has had to adapt quickly to the dynamics of the situation as it has presented itself.  Working closely with Freeguild and Stormcast Warriors Saldari the Swiftsong has created a swift reaction force that acts to scout and clear the way for the procession following the Oaken King.

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I decided to get a shot or three of my Tzeentch army all set out and they look awesome.  I have loved painting these guys.





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