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Skeksis of Change



After what feels like an entire age of the realms I have finally finished my lord of change minus the basing.  I have run out of Raw Sienna so I’m going to have to wait on basing it for now.  I really had fun with the dry brushing on this guy and it surprisingly didn’t take as long as I would have thought.  Years ago I painted a frostheart Phoenix for a friend and I had flashbacks to that while I was doing the wings.  I tried to use as many different colors as I could and I like the balance I achieved between them all.
I have it up to table top standard but if anyone has any ideas to make it look better please let me know as I want this guy to look awesome.

Lorewise he is called the Feathered Lord( original I know) and he is the patron of my gaunt summoner much as Kairos was for Ephryx with much-much backstabbing.  
I don’t have much of my tzeentch collection left to paint so hopefully in the coming weeks I get the last few pieces finished and I can move on to some other projects I have lined up.








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