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Is a General a General if he only has a Handbook?

Kris Sherriff



Hi Guys,

With the release of The Generals Handbook I thought it was a perfect time to start a new Warhammer Age of Sigmar army.


I had started swapping out the bases on my Nurgle Daemons but that just is not the same is it.


I was thumbing through the Handbook trying to point out stuff I alread have and decide what to do when, like many of you I saw the Beastclaw Raider section.  Having always been a big fan of the Stonehorn and  Hunter Models I thought why not, I only have to wait an couple of weeks.


So, here it is August 6th, and I picked up an Icewind Assault box, a box of Mournfang Cavalry and an extra Stonehorn.  I have 2 extra packs of Frost Sabers on the way as well.  That should give me a good amount of stuff to be working on.

I am organising a Warhammer: AoS matched play day on August 27th where we will be meeting up, playing 1000 point games and having a prize for best paineted so 21 days to get my stuff done and see how I do.

Thanks for reading all and I would love it if you followed my progress on my Vlog too!
My New Army






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