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Freeguild General on Magmadroth??

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Happy New Year! Here's to a better 2021 

Recently been continuing work on my Cities of Sigmar. Finished the concussors and have begun working on the next centrepiece model, a freeguild general on griffon. I know the original sculpt gets a lot of love but I find its a bit too bulky for my taste.

Enter the magmadroth! I managed to get the kit on ebay for an absolute steal and I think it works pretty well size-wise. Here it is prepped for undercoating.



The base is built using some polyfiller, vallejo basing paste, sand and various tree/ruin bits I had lying around. I actually think the dead body is from the  old LOTR ent kit.

The rider is a demigryph knight with one of the forgeworld Cawdor Ganger head upgrades. These are really great and fit well with most of the human-sized things. Going to use the rest with a unit of pistoliers.

Finally I replaced the lance head with one of the wild rider spears, think it looks a bit sleeker than the original.

Quite a bit of pinning required so I can paint as subassemblies and had to use greenstuff to cushion the seat and repose the rear legs.

Overall I think it looks pretty sweet. Also has a bit of ambiguity so can be used as a dreadlord on dragon / anointed on fire phoenix if needed.

Here's my first 5 freeguild handgunners too, definitely made big improvements in painting this year.


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