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Shivertooth hits the scene

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Artobans Ghost


A more urbanized area. Decided that since it was Duardin’s defending, it may as well be defending the steam powered generator 
This is an actual steam engine. It used to take water in the boiler, heated by a tray with fuel oil in it and it powered a type of anvil with a conveyor belt that is now lost. This was the type of toy from my childhood (where it showed up for Christmas one year years ago (!). Yes , a toy with oil fire and steam. What could go wrong?
Anyways, it’s now scenery on a table top. That large 40K type of building is a sub for ‘Fluffy LaTouche’s Tavern and Inn. Owned by the mother of General LaTouche that appeared in the last battle. That makes up the 3 names of my bloody cats that have shown up in the fluff. 
In descending order, fluffy LaTouche (aka mittens) , ruby (as in Rubyville) and Stanley (as in Fort Stanley). Original? Not very but I was desperate for fluff names. 



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Since it’s mainly an infantry battle, mostly infantry. Except that flame cannon. In an old village. Firing flames. What could go wrong? Similar to the story as to why the fuel oil for the steam engine was taken away quickly. 

Also changed the layout. Steam engine is in the centre. - a trove of arcane glory. Using the shattered city , streets of death rules and battle plan. With arcane features. 

Shivertooth’s Miscreants 


The Lodge of the Maddening Whorl 


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Turn 1 -

longbeards in the center move and charge the ardboys along with a doomseeker.  Shivertooth charges in as well. Only the doomseeker with 2 wounds and the ardboy boss left and of course Shivertooth. 
Flame cannon got 2 wounds off on the ardboys. 1 intitial and 1 spread. Thunderers got 1 wound off on the same ardboys. 
mom hindsight, I should have left the longbeards to defend and maybe benefit from the arcane powers. 
The orruks moved up both flanks and failed to set the leading house on fire. 
Now the longbeards can move in at their pleasure 😺

also forgot the initial set up was with another 20 orruks so I threw in a few more. 



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GT 2 finally. 
All along the front, the Duardin advance. The longbeards and a doomseeker move into the residence on the south flank, make some tea and hunker down while a swarm of spear orks surrounded the house and started poking every opening with their pigstikkers. This downed one dwarf. The first pic is missing the longbeards and doomseeker by the objective. In hindsight, I should have left the doomseeker seeing how hard they are to hurt and should have defended the objective. Bad lack of Duardin fluff. The war boss came running around and stared disapprovingly at just the objective and no fight. 
A doomseeker made his way close enough to charge Shivertooth and does so. Meanwhile my general did nothing but die and the unit champ hacked some bits off the wyvern. The flame cannon added some fire but it burnt out quickly. All in all, Shivertooth was substantially hurt. 6 wounds out of 11 and only GT2. Oh well, better than the thane. 
An orruk mob charged the slayer and doomseeker who had moved up on the north flank and were surprised at their inability to be hurt. Battleshock and a not so surprising bundle of condensed anger that was unleashed on them decimated the mob. 
In the centre, the ardboys saw another doomseeker and gave him his wish. The thunderers dropped 2 of them. The ork archer boys tried to heat up the ensconced Duardin’s tea but failed again to set it alight. 

Daurdin round 


Orruk round


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