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GitStuffed’s Clan of Resentments

Artobans Ghost


The first AoS army I started was a mixture of skaven and beastmen. Since acquiring Warcry, I can now add a chaos contingent. 
Matorea requires nothing less than many antagonists to test its metal over and over. Here will be 2490  pts of angry creatures ready to wallop the order forces and then each other when it’s done. 





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9 minutes ago, Gorthor21 said:

Love the sisters of sigmar on the lower shelf

Ha! That is part of my devoted army. 
love those models as well. Need to be rebased 😹


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I once wanted to get those back in 2016 but decided on old metal black orcs instead.  I regret doing so sometimes lol.

that’s a good sized skaven army you got started they were my first army way back when so I know how much a pain the tails on those oop clan rats can be.  In a 9k point collection I only ever had 250 of them.  I can’t wait to see how big it gets .

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