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Onwards and Upwards

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So, been a busy week with hobby progress, got quite a bit done, nothing completed but progress made. Hope you all enjoy.

First off, my other two boxes arrived from just play games, I would highly recommend them for purchases, Great prices, fast delivery and fantastic communication.


Couldnt resist the chance to take a full army picture. After it was all built and sprayed black.IMG_20201031_165710.jpg.d1b009150806cf9e32a15f136b0d80b9.jpg

Bases Sprayed and ready for paint


The rocks were painted using mechanicum standard grey, and while the grey was still wet some skrag brown and iyanden darksun was kind of smushed around in spots to give a bit of variation in the colour.



next up, a coat of dryad bark, then the high spots hit with some steel legion drab and then drybrushed with zandri dust. The last to go was a liberal coat of cheap art acrylic black wash, I used a drop of washing up liquid to break the surface tension so it sat in recesses rather than darken the grey.


I left bases for a couple of days and turned my attention to the flesh of the ogors, A very simple recipie for this, Based with Bugmans, dry brushed with cadian fleshtone, washed with reikland fleshshade, and then drydrushed bck up with cadian fleshtone and finally kislev flesh.




quite please with the overall finished look of the skin, quick and very easy to do. 

I have started the Stonehorns and will post some progress in the next update.

If anyone feels they have some good advice for colours etc, please dont be shy, I am badly colour blind so I tend to paint by numbers so to speak so any advice for good contrasts would be greatly appreciated.




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