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A Better Brush

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Some painting progress.  I finished the flat dark grey on the rest of the commission raven guard armor panels, & finished the edge highlighting on half of them.  Finished the etherial green on the command batch of 10 skeletons.  This was mostly already done, just needed a very diluted greenwash around the head & torso, & greyish-white drybrush.  I then undercoated the rest of the models black to prep for the remaining sections.  I also started the process of repainting the shields on the 10 mostly done skeletons with some pale grey over the wood sections on the back of the shields, which will need a second coat.







Helping this along was a few hobby purchases, including a larger wet palette, some brush cleaner, and a brand new Raphael brand kolinsky sable #1 round.  This is my first time splurging on a fancy expensive brush, and I'm honestly surprised how much of a difference it's been making, particularly with edge highlighting the marines.  The Raphael has a fuller body than most similarly sized brushes, which lets the brush hold more paint & moisture, so I can work a bit longer before risking paint drying in the bristles or having to go back to the palette for more paint.  So far at least it's also kept a remarkable point, making it easy to put the paint exactly where I want it.  The price was a bit much, so I've been super paranoid about never letting paint more than half way up the brush head,frequently rinsing out the brush, & periodically cleaning it out completely with the brush soap, but even with all the extra pampering it's still made the overall process go faster & more smoothly.

All in all, things are moving along pretty slowly, but they are moving, so that's nice.  My goal for the week is to finish the edge highlight on the rest of the comission marines, finish the back of the shields on the mostly done skeletons, and do the spear hafts & metal bits on the command batch.

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