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Tzeentch vs Skaven - Total Commitment



My List


Allegiance: Tzeentch
- Change Coven: Hosts Duplicitous

Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore (260)
- General
- Command Trait: Will of the Phantom Lord
- Artefact: Brand of the Spirit Daemon
- Lore of Fate: Arcane Suggestion
Kairos Fateweaver (400)
- Lore of Change: Treason of Tzeentch
Changecaster, Herald of Tzeentch (110)
- Lore of Change: Bolt of Tzeentch
The Blue Scribes (120)
- Lore of Change: Tzeentch's Firestorm
Be'Lakor (240)
- Allies

10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)
- x Cursed Glaives
10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)
- x Cursed Glaives
10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)
- x Cursed Glaives

6 x Tzaangor Skyfires (400)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs
Balewind Vortex (40)
Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60)
Umbral Spellportal (70)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 240 / 400
Wounds: 98

Skaven List


Allegiance: Skaventide

Arch-Warlock (160)
- General
- Command Trait: Deranged Inventor
- Artefact: Vigordust Injector
- Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: More-more-more Warp Power!
Warlock Engineer (110)
- Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: More-more-more Warp Power!
Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (240)
- Lore of Ruin: Plague

40 x Clanrats (200)
- Rusty Spear
40 x Clanrats (200)
- Rusty Spear
20 x Clanrats (120)
- Rusty Blade

1 x Warpfire Thrower (70)
20 x Skryre Acolytes (200)
20 x Skryre Acolytes (200)

Warplock Jezzails (420)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs
Bell of Doom (40)
Vermintide (40)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 185

I outdrop him and let him go first.

Not much happens other than him getting right outside of my spell-range and getting off Vermintide for a free FP. He kept his Acolytes back a bit, which will come to hurt him later.

Skaven end of T1

On my turn I get off Spellportal and kill enough Clanrats on the left to BS the rest off the board while ensuring that nothing is range of his 9 Jezzails other than Kairics if he ends up going next. Skyfires knock a few wounds off the Bell but not much else.


End of T1

He wins priority and goes first.

He clears off 10 Kairics with the Jezzails and charges in 40 Clanrats. Luckily, none of his Acolytes are in range to do anything on the right, but the left side ones take 4 off of Be'lakor. After combat he has a little over half the Clanrat unit left and saves them with a CP as they were outside the range of the Bell. He ends up having 1 more model on my objective to claim it.

Skaven end of T2


I put pretty much everything into those remaining Clanrats to take them down to ~10 remaining.. but the Changecaster whiffs horribly rolling 3 MW's total across Pink Fire and Bolt against the Bell, bringing it down to only a couple remaining wounds. Be'lakor runs straight past the Acolytes on the left to take his unoccupied objective. Skyfires shoot off 4 Jezzails and charge into the 20 Acolytes and wipe them while both remaining Clanrat units get counter-charged by Kairics to keep him off objectives.


End of T2

I win the next roll off and he concedes. At this point I would easily be able to table him (except for maybe 2 heroes hiding around the building in the back) and he would have no way to catch up.

Tzeentch Major Victory

Overall Thoughts
So yeah, playing not Changehost is pretty fun. It definitely feels light not having any Pinks on the board and just 30 Kairics, however it should be able to somewhat reliably get 10 FP on T1 to at least get some Blues out if needed. Definitely need more practice with it as it's the first time I'm running it, but I see a lot of potential. While Be'lakor didn't get to use his ability (I wasn't going to use it until T3 if his Jezzails or Acolytes had potential to get closer) I think his usefulness is perfect, even though Enfeeble was obviously useless against an all shooting Skaven setup. His biggest downfall was not having his Acolytes trailing the asses of those Clanrats really; he needed to be very aggressive against this list but he only managed to be aggressive with Clanrats, which were no threat to anything.. especially with the anti-horde spells I was able to throw out.

Planning to run this list along with some other ideas for awhile (with a scattering of Fyreslayers 😉) to take a bit of a break from Skaven. Thanks for reading, as always.

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Recommended Comments

Loved your list, tbh would never have though of using something like this and I think this is what im excited for on TTS is running those different lists you simply cant in model form!

Be'lakor is just so crippling with his ability as well and I think he's pretty well priced for what he does!

Thanks for the write up!

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Did the skyfires feel worth 400 points?  They seem really weak on paper compared to current year units.

Edited by StickEGreen

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On 9/25/2020 at 1:26 PM, StickEGreen said:

Did the skyfires feel worth 400 points?  They seem really weak on paper compared to current year units.

Sorry, just noticed this comment.. I don't think I had notifications turned on 😅

I've said it plenty on the Tzeentch thread, but yeah Skyfires are incredibly underrated. They aren't going to do 40+ damage like a lot of other units for the price but that's fine. In this list in particular, they give my opponent a harder decision to make when it comes to giving me T1 or not. If they do, then the Skyfires have a good chance at shooting a support hero off the board (as well as the Spellportal with Kairos) and giving them +1 attack from the Agenda can actually get them to putting out ~20 wounds vs a 4+ save in combat.

They're also just far easier to use than Enlightened who do more CC damage, but have a good chance at getting blown up before they can attack at full capacity and don't carry a 40" threat range. Skyfires can clear lightly guarded objectives and snipe out 5 wound heroes all in the same turn.

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