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Operation Clear the Backlog

Darth Alec



Hey guys! Time for my next major project; Operation Clear the Backlog. Anyone who's been following me on twitter knows that I've been buying a ludicrous amounts of models. It's silly. But when you're offered Tomb Kings models for half of retail, you take the offer. Normally TK stuff runs for more than retail on Ebay, and the supply isn't going to grow anytime soon. So I've picked up a lot of stuff. 


I feel bad letting it lie around though. These are toys, after all. So I decided to start finished stuff, rather than just buying new. I'll be splitting the project into chunks that are more manageble and motivating. There's a few WIP already, so some things might go really fast and others may take forever.


And here's phase 1:

One Tomb Herald, one Wight Kings with Infernal Banner, 10 skeleton spearmen and two chariots.




As I mentioned, there's a few WIP's here already. The Tomb Herald was one of them. So I've finished him up pretty fast. Not a great job, but I'm aiming to finish things here. Love this model though. It's got a lot of character.




Next up is the "Wight King" with Infernal standard. It's a really old Vampire model. I've been looking for it for a long time, and finally bought it a year ago. It wasn't quite what I expected though. I struggled a lot with how to paint it according to my colour scheme. Pleased with the result. The banner is probably my best one so far, which isn't saying much. Trying to get better though.




Until next time, adios!

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Looking good!

Reducing the backlog is a good feeling :) Have you seen the TK army available on Finn though? Just incase you want to stock up some more :D 

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