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Hurricanum and Shards

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Been about a month since the last update. My 1k army is coming together quite nicely. Finished off the darkshards and added snow basing to both units. Just got to work out some heraldry for banners and source a few more freeguild, then the battleline are good to go.

I've also started thinking about how to bring it up to 2k. Current plan is 3 scourge runner chariots, knight incantor, beefing up the darkshards to 20, more dracoths, and a 30-man block of one of the elite infantry choices. Ideally I'd want 30 executioners/black guard as the models are sweet, but unfortunately they just can't compete with phoenix guard rules-wise. 


Darkshards finished. Went for a slightly different scheme than the guard with more red and gold for more of a 'professional soldier' look.



A bunch of different angles for the carriage sub-assemblies. It was probably the most work I've done on a single miniature but it'll be a nice centrepiece when its done. Best bits were painting the planets and the burning torches at the back (first attempt at flames). Also need to try and work out how I'll attach the ogre at the front.

Next update will probably be the sisters of the thorn which are in various build stages on my desk.


Bonus: a converted a battlemage from the hurricanum set, using a freeguild head and an old dwarf miner backpack. Shame they got nerfed but will be a fun painting challenge.

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