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The Freeguild Marches



Time for the first blog update! Been pretty busy with real life stuff recently but still managed to get some hobby in. Really enjoyed painting to podcasts in the evenings.

The last couple weeks I've completed my freeguild guard and built up the darkshards. Pretty rusty at painting so took a couple models to get back into it, though overall very pleased with how they turned out. Learnt a couple painting tips along the way too!


Here's all 14, went for a blue and white colour scheme with purple and red highlights. Just got to try and wrangle another 6 from somewhere to bring it up to the full squad.


Dwarves closeup. These were the first I finished and were stripped and rebased from my old fantasy army. Think they're looking good and especially pleased with the bases.


Command squad. The kit bashing came out pretty well, particularly the masked drummer. Still got to work out a freehand design for with the banner, but got to practise a bit more before trying that.


The rest of the boys. I feel the kit bashing really added some character; Lanky McDwarferson with the steam gun, pet rat guy, stump leg guy etc. (names tbc)


Pre-undercoat darkshards. Pretty much straight out of the box. Added a couple arrow stands and backpacks here and there. Plus used greenstuff to add the freeguild captain greatsword to the unit champion. Definitely a bit out of practice with the green stuff as it was a bit messy sculpting (probably wasn't wet enough) but should look fine once its painted. Also added another small dagger to the bottom for some Darth Maul vibes.



Finally my sorceress. Just a hag queen model I got off ebay atm but planning on attaching a sisters of the thorn staff for her other hand. Also considering greenstuffing some fabric for a dress to make it look a bit more battlemage than stripper-witch. Will see just have to see what I'm feeling when I've got the other kits.

Next steps include painting up the darkshards and buying either the hurricanum (I have some conversion ideas) or the sisters/concussor

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Colours look great! The basing work on the  darkshards looks great too! What list are you building towards?

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Thanks! So I've got a 1000pt list in mind to start: 20 guard, 10 darkshards, hurricanum w/mage, sorceress, 5 sisters of thorn, and 2 concussors.

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