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Halfling Hurricanum!



Welcome back to the Halfling Cities of Sigmar Blog!
This time I got a completed Hurricanum to show off. This is an integral part of the army I’m working on as well this army’s lore as a whole. 

The Halflings of StoutHill  worship a deity know by many names: “The Great Rooster”,  “The Mighty ******”, “The Ferocious one”, “The Provider”. Hobbits recognize two aspects of this God: Ferocity and Harvest. While ferocity aspect is very familiar to halflings on the battlefield, the aspect of Harvest is more common to farmers and families back in the villages. 
However, on the fields of battle this aspect may sometimes be seen as a glorious golden statue of The Provider, manned by a priestess, and surrounded with a variety of harvests. This inspires the hobbits to fight even harder, reminding them that they’re protecting their homeland, foreshadowing a big meal after the battle, or literally allowing them to snack on some food.


The carriage is full of gifts from the Great Rooster: 




The whole thing is manned by a priestess determined to see the enemies of the Provider dead and Halfling bellies full:


And that is it for this post. Let me know what you think! 
Hope you like what I’ve got!

Until next time.

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Now that is an awesome conversion and great painting!

Must have taken ages to put it all together, but ever so much worth it! 

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1 hour ago, Overread said:

Now that is an awesome conversion and great painting!

Must have taken ages to put it all together, but ever so much worth it! 

Thank you! Overall around a month-long project, with other small things here and there 😄

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