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The Warhoof Arrives

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While Shartok Dragonchewer continues his journey of bringing the Shard of the Herdstone to Beastlord Kaamagruul tribe, reinforcements arrive.  Fooves pound across the plains, and drunken yowls piercing the treeline.  The Sons of the Warhoof arrive - united in devotion to their father and a love of good drink.


Ghorros Warhoof - here to drink, fight, and rut.




The Centigor Herd - Born from regions across the Realm of Life, willing to defend their father with their life!





Pretty happy with how these guys turned out.  I really enjoy tinkering with skin tones lately.  I still struggle with highlighting though.  All of the gor-kin were done with drybrushing like two years ago but I'm trying to evolve! 

I'm also not confident enough to do anything with banners yet.  All of my banners look way too clean for Beastmen and are bare for now.  Maybe once I finish the rest of the Herd off I'll give it a shot.


Next up - Moghur and three more Bullgor.  I was really inspired by the Tauri BloodscorcherWhateverCan'tRememberTheirFullNameNow Bullgors from the Godsbeast book.  I really like the idea of the Herd absorbing members as they march around.  I'm not done it, but since they were fighting the Stormcast I'm sure they lose!  So these can be some refugees or something.  I'll be using the guide in the book.  I usually don't like using guides either, but I think it'll add an interesting bit to the Warherd.  I glued them with double hand weapons (all axes) as it seemed more Khorney - I realize its probably not as strong, but my first set of six have magnetized hands so I can do what I want with them.


Has anyone tried running them with shields?  Do they lose some effectiveness for not much protection?  In the longrun I was thinking three units of six, each one equipped differently for looks as well as utility.

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