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The Truth behind Matorea

Artobans Ghost



This is my second round with AoS and also my first AoS blog. I hope I can match the greatness that exists here. Not that I wanted to stop but my hobby adventures came to an abrupt halt a year and a few months ago. 
Im starting with the continuation of my idea of a state called Matorea in Ghyran. The realease of CoS has allowed me to expand the  idea to a proper Greywater Fastness affiliated city state and surrounding areas. A Stormcast chamber will be present as well. 

 A start in the right direction I hope.

So we will start with a new hobby area and the first addition is the work table. Hopefully to be followed quickly by a set of shelving. 2 tables as well if I can get there. 




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Not that I wanted to stop but my hobby adventures came to an abrupt halt a year and a few months ago.

As someone who's slowly watching their hobbying time disappear, I can feel your pain. This looks like a good start though. Good luck!

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On 3/4/2020 at 9:52 AM, CommissarRotke said:

will you put plywood over the insulation too? it makes me nervous just looking at it

Unfortunately it’s a rental so I will not be upgrading the walls. We’re only here for 3 years otherwise I would put in the effort. 
I might have to do something with it as it’s pretty bleak 😺

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that sucks... and if the landlord didn't bother before you moved in, I'm sure they wouldn't now :/ the main problem is it's just bare a** insulation. it won't hurt unless it's punctured/broken but still makes me mad it was left like that for you

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