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What's needed to make a competitive army?




So time to get this blog going again.  I've been spending a lot of time recently thinking about what's needed to build a competitive army list.  These ideas are for any method of playing not comp specific.

1.  A damage dealer

Every list needs something that can be relied upon to go out there and kill enemy war scrolls - this can be a big monster, a killer combat unit, warp fire throwers, anything that can deal consistent damage.

2.  Better make that at least two damage dealers.

Redundancy is your friend. They are going to have big scary things as well - you'd better have a back up for when yours dies.

3.  Scoring units

What this looks like depends on what comp system/scenario you are playing. If it's a mix you'd better include some of each sorry needed.  After all you can't win if you can't score.  These can double with later options but best not do so with your damage dealers - you don't want to have to hold them back to score.  Ideally these will also be very survivable.

4. Screening units

Since you've got war scrolls that can kill or cripple enemy scrolls on the charge, you can bet your opponent has as well!!  In order to make sure you get the charge in you need units to hide behind to keep your big guys safe.

5. Movement tricks

In many of the scenarios you need to be able to cross the battlefield very quickly in order to claim objectives.  Summoning, fast flying units, cavalry all fill this role.

6. Ranged threat

Some form of ranged threat is needed in order help pick out protected synergy characters.  This most commonly takes the form of missile attacks, but spells and other abilities can serve the same use.


These are just my thoughts, what do you all think?  Did I miss anything?

Later I will post a death list based on these principles as an example.





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For GH Matched Play comp, I'd add "Battleline units that are good enough that you'd be taking them anyway".  So, for Stormcasts for instance, you'd probably be taking Judicators whether they were Battleline or not.  But for Dispossessed, without the requirement for Battleline you'd probably take Ironbreakers or Hammerers over Warriors or Longbeards.  So there's an inherent advantage to Stormcasts in the comparison.

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Yeah - there's a sizeable advantage in fielding battleline units that can shoot as these can sit on objectives in your territory and still contribute meaningfully to combat (bad news for Death and Destruction - I'm not counting Night Goblin bowmen - that's attempting to shoot and messing it up).

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Good points, destruction can always have battle line with fanatics to really block enemies and death battle line keep coming back though so balanced out.

But definitely taking battle line that works with your army is s great idea!

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