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Zarbag’s Gitz

Oh geeze it's been a while since I last posted anything here... there's likely a backlog to catch up on.

Ages ago I picked up the original Underworlds box and it has sat unplayed, though the models have sat on the painting table for a while. Recently we decided that lunchtime boardgames in the office were called for as people were being a bit antisocial. Underworlds seems like a good option, so I started putting paint to models... starting with my favourite looking set, Zarbag's Gitz. Can't go wrong with a bunch of Moonclan grots!


Along side the Underworlds project, I'm starting to rebuild my old Warhammer Quest collection, so the Gitz will be doing double duty in the dungeons. Rather than working through the monsters by level, I've decided to go by faction and grots have always been entertaining little blighters with some fun models. 


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