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First Full Week

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IMG_9068.jpg.eca3c36adec67f535d0152d91d018a5b.jpgIt has been a little over one week since I started the blog and 2020 hobby quest. So let's see what else I did.

Painting the Brimstone Horrors knocked off 10 of 10 models for the first 9 days, so I'm not stressing about the painting goals. There will be bigger obstacles to come, I'm 100% sure of it (two ominous laughs).

What you haven't seen that I have built/painted:

1.  The aforementioned Rats from Carrion Empire that I built in the last post.

2. I completed the generic Chaos Spawn in a Red->Blue transition, and one of the three Flamers that I have in generic Flamer paint scheme (Talassar Blue and Fire Colors to start, I think I added a few greenish and purplish colors to add contrast):


3. 10 Blue Horrors and the other 2 Flamers. I put blue onto all of them, and three of the Blue Horrors currently sit complete.



4. A completed piece of Warcry Terrain that was a testing ground for what I wanted to use as my paint scheme:


  • Prime semi-light Grey, Prime White from a 60 degree angle and upward.
  • Stone in Basilicanum Grey, then Drybrush with Grey Seer (yes, I like the color for edges)
  • Wood in Wyldwood, then Agrax Earthshade, Seraphim Sepia, and/or Gore-Grunta Fur to provide variation in wood planks.
  • Metal grates in Balthasar Gold, then Nihilak Oxide

In my humble opinion about the old sculpts, the eyes on most of them are tiny and really hard to paint. I thought the Screamers were hard, but the Chaos Spawn was a whole 'nut-er level of difficulty, and it was only two of them

Happy Wargaming!

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