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Weekend Rats




Saturday was a big preorder day for followers of the thinking man’s Chaos God. So I ponied up the money and got:

Aether War

Limited Edition Disciples Book (It better be good)

Endless Spells

Warscroll Cards (And for Slaves Too, since the store had them)

Tzeentch Dice (At the time of ordering, I thought there was going to be a need for them to track Blue and Brimstone Horror Points, but I think having three colors from one set will still not be a bad trade off).

And that will pretty much end my spending until the army is done. It’s not that I don’t already have a few dozen other boxes to build in the meantime. I can see only a limited Pointy Aelves set breaking that commitment.

So this weekend, I started working on a Flamer (Sir Not-Appearing-Because-I-Forgot-To-Take-a-Photo). I’ll get a photo when it’s done (It’s still on a Square Base of all things)

And then I built some Stormfiends and a Warplock Bombadier


I opened up Carrion Empire at Thanksgiving hoping to do a whole FEC army over that weekend. I finished my test model and got most of the Flesh Eaters to where the skin was Basecoated, but that’s all I worked on (A New player was taking them in Escalation, so I chose something else, namely Tzeentch).

Mostly, it was a good break from painting.

Since I went up the the Warhammer store to order things on Saturday, I was told from the Boss that had to forfeit my usual Sunday gaming day to help her. Honestly wish I spent more than 30 minutes then.

Happy Hobby and Gaming!



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