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The Brotherhood of Necros






Hey! I’m Tom and for 2020 I’ve decided to revisit one of my favourite Fantasy factions, the much-reviled Necrarchs.

This is my second year back in the hobby after a hiatus of almost a decade. I was introduced to the game at a young age (cheers, Dad!) and have followed it ever since.

I’ve always had a soft spot for W’soran’s acolytes. They’re characterful, they wear their heart on their sleeve (often literally) for the way in which they actually look like the undead monsters they are, and I can really relate to the desire to squirrel myself away in a tall tower far from civilisation to read/study/sleep...

"The Necrarchs are the most learned of Vampires, more skilled at sorcery than with the blade. These skills have come at a price, however. The appearance of the Necrarchs has grown so hideous and unnatural that an ordinary man cannot bear to look upon them, and many run screaming at the sight. When their great library was burned to the ground by fearful mortals, many Necrarchs remained to burn with it, so strong was their devotion to knowledge."

I collect strongly themed, heavily converted armies that inspire me to write. This project has itself been inspired by the grotesque yet haunting artwork of Melkhior the Ancient, shared below. If I can capture a sliver of that horror across my collection and in my writing, I’ll be a happy man!

Thanks for following — feel free to message or comment and say hi!

Instagram: @brotherhoodofnecros

More about me: Hello from Oxfordshire, UK!

My first test mini: A Blood-Fat Bat

Melkhior (1).jpg



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