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A Scheme I Won't Use



I've decided to go with resin bases instead of textured ones. I ordered them ($666 worth! Lol!), but they won't be here for a bit yet, so I'm in a bit of a holding pattern until they arrive.

In the interim, I've done another very quick color scheme that mirrors what I did in an early TK army of mine. I won't be using it for my Bonereapers, but I thought I'd share it.



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3 hours ago, FallenSerf said:

Which bases did you get?

They are from Dragonforge. The owner is a great hobbyist who has been sculpting for decades. I've used his bases before and was pleased.

There are a few sizes missing in the range I selected, and Jeff (the owner) told me he would sculpt up the needed ones. That's service! I encourage folks to check out his stuff.


http://dragonforge.com/Painting service/for sale/base_sets/sci-fi/occult-7 apocalypse.htm

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