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Chapter 2 - Where shall we put them?



Chapter 2 – Where shall we put them?



Sheriff Albertus walked back to the city's guard barracks well after dark. It had been a tumultuous council meeting. Half the consigniliari were arguing with the Stadthouder about sleeping quarters and provisions for the Knights Excelsior. The other half couldn't leave fast enough so they could hide whatever they needed to hide.


In the meeting, at first, Sheriff Albertus thought the situation was hilarious. He changed his mind when the Stadthouder decided there was no other option but to give the Knights Excelsior the guard barracks as temporary accommodation. After all no one could accuse the Stadthouder of being disrespectful if the Knights Excelsior were assigned to the army barracks. If their accommodation was too luxurious, the Knights would think the Stadthouder had something to hide. But if they stayed in the run down areas down town , the Knights Excelsior would think they were being snubbed. What's more, the folks down there might think the Stadthouder did it deliberately so that these Knights Excelsior could snoop around and get rid of some street gangs.


“But my lord”, Albertus had protested, “where will the guard stay then?” “What you mean?” shouted Adriaanus. He was becoming exasperated. “Half of your guard sleep in the brothels down town anyway! I am sure there are enough women down there to accommodate the other half!” His reply had all the consigniliari in stitches. First Albertus felt his blood boil. But then he thought it might not be such a bad idea after all. Albertus knew what his guard was up to because those women did tell him what his men were thinking and scheming behind his back. A few half crowns took care of that. And if Albertus suspected the women were withholding information from him, he would threaten them with an eviction and closure notice from the Sheriff's office . It was the other half of those guardsmen you needed to watch out for. If there were any ambitious half wits amongst them, the women would weasel it out of them. “Yes, my lord” Albertus had answered. The Stadthouder gave him a second look, frowning. He couldn't make out if Albertus understood the remark made in jest or if he was saying: yes I will put the other half in the brothels as well.


In the cold night air walking back to the guard barracks, Albertus dismissed the idea of putting all the guard down town. What was he thinking? Idiot. If those Stormcast golden boys would hear of it, they would probably torch every single ale house and brothel to the ground. His guard will have to stay with their family in town for those who had any, and the others in some half decent guest houses. At least he could sequester those, now that he had a reason thanks to the Stormcast visitors. “Every cloud has a silver lining” he mused. Tomorrow morning, at the appel, he would tell his boys the good news and the bad news. Good news: the Knights Excelsior are coming to stay with us. Bad news: you're going to clean these barracks and latrines until even Sigmar himself would be too embarrassed to soil them.

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