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Chapter 1 - The Messive

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Chapter 1 – The Messive


Stadthouder Adriaanus Manstien was staring out of the window. He had been pacing up and down the cabinet room in deep thought. Not saying a word. Sheriff Albertus, the only other person in the room was standing in front of the desk, wisely keeping his silence. Now Manstien was looking out of the large cabinet room window towards the main town square and the gate towers. But he was not really looking at anything out there. Sheriff Albertus knew what he was really looking at. He was trying to see all the possible things that could go wrong. Because that is what Stadthouders do. Always trying to avoid trouble. And in Montalban that was a full time job.


In his hand, Manstien held a parchment. It was an official messive from Azyrheim delivered by one of those winged Stormcast warriors, a half hourglass ago. It read: “In his almighty wisdom, our great lord and king Sigmar, has bestowed upon the city of Montalban the honour to receive a detachment of the Knights Excelsior. You will receive those noble warriors and accommodate them according to their status. They will stay in your city until they receive orders to do otherwise.”


“Why now? “Why in the name of the Holy Michael the Hermit!” Manstien suddenly shouted., throwing his hands in the air. “In one week's time we have the Festival of Laus Stultitiae. The city will be full with visitors and every drunk in the lands of Steyr!” “And right now they decide to saddle us up with this bunch of troublemakers! Yes! Troublemakers! Noble warriors, my ******! They are gonna poke their nose in everything that stinks in this town.” Sheriff Albertus had to swallow once. He was suddenly thinking about the protection racket he was running with the city guard. You know, protecting the city's merchants from looting and arson. All kind of things can happen when the Laus Stultitiae festival is in town. The festival is always a nice little side earner for him and his men.


“Yes my lord, troublemakers, I said it myself” he answered back. “When will they be here?” Manstien asked. “In two days time, my lord” Albertus answered. Manstien sighed. “Send messengers to the consigniliari. We will have a town meeting tonight at the 6th bell. We better decide how we are going to receive them and where they are going to stay.” “Yes my lord”, answered Albetus. He took a small bow, turned around and marched out of the cabinet room.

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Can't wait to see where this goes! The Knights Excelsior tend to be pretty harsh, so drankards probably won't sit well with them.

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