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Bonesplitterz 1000 points list for ME

Hi everybody, I'll play a 1000 points tournament (meeting engagement) in october. I've two ideas: 


Clan: Drakkfoot

Savage big boss 100

Burnin' Tattoo

Wardokk 80

Breath of gorkamorka

Wardokk 80

Brutal Beast spirit

Maniak weirdnob 120

Mork's Boney Bitz

20 arrowboyz 240

20 arrowboyz 240

Kunnin' rukk 140

Tot 1000pt

I want to use arrowboyz to stab* enemies from big distances**.  I noticed that in ME Melee figths works well... I thought that maybe if i can't kill them in Melee i maybe kill them from distance....

* Orruks don't shoot: they stab from distance

* For an orruk


Clan: Bonegrinz

Savage big boss 100

Wardokk 80

Breath of gorkamorka

Aeterquarz Brooch

Maniak weirdnob 120

30 Savage orruks 300

8 Savage big stabbas  400

Tot 1000

This is the more resistent of the two and the stronger, becouse i can arrive in Melee at the first turn.


I also need a help to split the units in Vanguard, main body and  rearguard.



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