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Brokk conversion! More shadowy dopplegangers



After an evening of being unsure how to proceed and then just saying '****** it I'll work it out as I go' I finished my conversion of Brokk (well i may add more shadowy tendrils but probably not) I repositioned his arms, gave him a tricorn (because -all- of my shadow pirate heroes need tricorns) and gave him a nice shadow doppleganger friend just like my admiral (since I'm probably no longer gonna always want to go dopple cloak on my admiral giving all my heroes dopples makes it more of a ulgu theme thing than a relic thing) and his little minion holds his cannon because I felt it looked a bit too busy beneath the balloon (everything on brokk is so compacted into a small space, especially with his original pose). I'm looking forward to painting him up soon too :)



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