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Ruined buildings in the land of Fleeting Hopes

The Golem


Although Port Stellis flourished and became a fortified city, not all attempts to build communities in Ulgu have been successful.

Over the past decades, as Port Stellis developed, settlers tried to establish villages in the neighboring region in order to develop agriculture. But none of these projects succeeded: the wild monsters and the darkness made the settlers disappear one after the other. Sometimes half-devoured corpses were found, and some other times the victims simply vanished, leaving no traces, giving rise to stories of peasants being swallowed up forever in the mists and the shadows.

To date, the duardin prospectors' camp near the Scintillating Mines is the only civilized post that has managed to hold in the Coast of Fleeting Hopes, with the exception of Port Stellis, of course.

In the the present days, ruined buildings remain here and there in the wilderness of the Fleeting Hopes, as the last remnants of the villages that failed to survive. All those projects of warm hearths, big farms, livestock and crops are now nothing more than stillborn dreams...

At least those ruins offer temporary shelter to patrolling rangers and passing travellers, as long as they aren't already occupied by mist monsters...

* * * * *


These 2 ruined buildings were printed by a friend of mine who happens to own a 3D printer. The files for these buildings are free to download on Thingiverse (all credits due to Terrain4Print). Note: I had my buildings printed at a 125% size so that 25mm base minis can move through the entrance and stand on the stairs.














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Recommended Comments

You really have a great setting with this scenery and background! Very atmospheric. 

I think it could look nice if you had some kind of very small vegetation (flock, small grass tufts, dead leaves, bits of moss) in red-orange hues to help your grass tufts blend in more with the rest. Vegetation always looks best with a lot of variation in my opinion.

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