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Forbidden Power campaign - battle 2(meeting engagement) FEC v Blades of Khorne

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On the shore of Dead Man’s Folly, in the region of Stygxx, stands Castle Drachmir. Once a bastion of light, this citadel has been claimed by flesh-eating ghouls.

Few would dare to venture there but Khorne Daemon Prince, Tarak Skorl of the Ripped Tongue, fears not the undead and leads his slaughterhost through the Bitterblood Caverns to 
the castles battlements. Hoping to breach the fortress and claim the magical artefacts rumoured to be within it’s ancient vault.

Pontiff Fleckbury Fodderbite, the Blisterskin Archregent stepped down from his Charnel throne to see if the reports were true. He looked beyond the ruins of the shattered temple to see the Chaos spearhead advancing, hurriedly summoning his faithful Knights who headed for the cover of the Wyldwood. The Flesh-Eater was quickly joined by even more Flayers and a ravening horde of ghouls.

The Khorne spearhead was led by Karanak himself and he and his Bloodletters headed for the objective whilst also looking out for the infernal hero he’d vowed to destroy as his quarry. This lead to an early lead for the Chaos contingent.

The primary objective stayed the same for the second battle round which enabled the Chaos army to extend their lead. However the unit of 6 Flayers destroyed the spearhead Bloodletters, although a larger unit appeared in the main body. This gave the Undead a couple of victory points to keep them in the battle at the half way point.

Tarak Skorl appeared in the rearguard and the Daemon Prince gained initiative enabling the Bloodletters and himself to charge the Flayers and hopefully avenge the two units that had already been destroyed. This proved to be the turning point in the battle as all 6 Flayers were killed with no way for them to be resurrected.

With the objective still not moving the Chaos’s armies lead was unassailable and Skorl left victorious holding a Hexflame pendant in his hand.






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