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Another Ghostclaw Raider Unit finished

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Another Unit for my Ghostclaws is almost finished, this time a Battleline one: The Riders on Thundertusk.

I´ve got the model in a prepainted state from a friend and kept the fur and the tusks as they were before. The Chaintrap was broken and the parts missing, so I added a Banshee that will serve as a stand in for a vulture.

I think the project will take more time than assumed. I am really not motivated to work on the "small" dudes as I have also a ton of other miniatures that want to be painted. So there will be a break before the next units come. Which is fine as thoose are a fun painting project so far and won´t see much of a game I think, at least untill a tome drops





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You could always just paint the small models with a ghostlike colour scheme and call it a day. Would save you a lot of time painting as well since you can do a bunch in 1 day.

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