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Fimirs join the herd!




Now while they arent exactly Troggoths or even playable in the Gitz allegiance I do think Fimir fit the aesthetic of a swampy Troggoth army very well. So I got warriors and a Noble so I could play them in Meeting Engagement games and I think they turned out great.


The Fimirach Noble is a lovely model I love the cape and the pose he has going on! I am also happy that the water effects on his base came out pretty nice and smooth a few of the warrior bases werent that great. 


Here are the warriors they look so nice in a unit I kinda want more of them giving them the super high reeds coming from the water makes them look like they are lurking in the swamps I think the hunched poses add to that feel as well. 


I really wanted them to have a grimy look so I added some dried mud looking weathering to their robes and over all I'm very happy with the robes. I also tried Vallejo Metal color jet exhaust on the dark metal parts and I'm in love. Definitely some of the best metal paint out there. 

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