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Forbidden Power campaign - Battle 1: Sorcerous Streams

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Naquas Barionic, Mistress of Shoals, had reached out to Sigmar and Morathi for aid in her battle to stem the cannabilistic tide of the Blisterskin Court that was currently rampaging towards the newly discovered Stormvault. Word had reached the Idoneth Tidecaster that powerful artefacts had been locked inside and the arrival of Stormcast and Khinerai reinforcements gave her belief that it would be the Ionrach enclave who recovered them.

The Flesh Eaters started by securing their leaders as they anticipated that the attack could come from any direction. They weren’t wrong as the Heartrenders dropped from the sky and loosed their barbed javelins towards the Crypt Infernal, however they failed to do any significant damage. The first battle round ended with the Idoneth taking an early advantage.

Turn two saw the SoulScryer and two units of Fangmora eels deep strike in to the Blisterskin flank, although some pitiful charges and attacks saw the Crypt Horrors stand strong. The Fulminators fared better, cutting the Flayers unit in half. Despite an early high tide the Aelves failed to take advantage and the Khinerai again failed in their mission to kill the Flayer hero.

In their turn the Death horde were able to summon back to their full compliment and their decimation of the Order forces began. The Terrorgheist flew atop the Azyrite ruins before descending down on the SoulScryer who was quickly devoured by a boney gaping maw. The round also saw the death of the Fulminators, a unit of Heartrenders and the eels destroyed to a single Lochian Prince.

Although their numbers were dwindling the Deepkin went in to the third round with double the victory points of the Blisterskin. The Flesh Eaters took the initiative and more Aelves perished as the Death force remained at full strength. The only chance that Naquas had was to outmanoeuvre the enemy and she made a daring dash to take the central objective. Her bravery paid off as her selfless act secured an Aelven victory and the Flesh Eater Courts were kept from entering the Stormvault.

To Naquas Barionic it felt like a hollow victory as she returned alone to the aethersea, gripping the Realmstone Wand she had recovered whilst fleeing the battlefield.









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Looks great.  I have the hallowheart box set and love to use it.! 

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