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The Mighty Plague Furnace

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After looking at lists to go well with my Glottkin I decided that adding some Skaven would be a fantastic way to go so I started with a plague furnace. Using a lot of colors I used in my Glottkin I ended up at a pretty nice finish


Even though this model is a pretty big pain in the ass to paint because of the multiple subassemblies I did love doing all the weathering on this model. Adding a lot of moss to the wood and stone and rust to the metal it does really look nice and worn.


The part I'm most proud of is probably the smoke. I had a lot of fun glazing the nice blends on it. For basing on this model I decided to keep it quite simple just a few rocks a bunch of rats under and around the furnace and then about 3 different types of tufts to create a nice lush Ghyran inspired base for quite low effort. 

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