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FeC - Escalation League - 1250 Week

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My list:


Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts
- Grand Court: Court of Delusion - The Feast Day
Mortal Realm: Ghur

Abhorrant Archregent (200)
- General
- Trait: Dark Wizardy 
- Lore of Madness: Spectral Host
Abhorrant Archregent (200)
- Lore of Madness: Miasmal Shroud
Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (400)
- Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm 
- Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite

30 x Crypt Ghouls (300)
10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)

Endless Spells / Terrain
Chalice of Ushoran (40)

Total: 1240 / 1250
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 68

Game 1: Daughters of Khaine - Duality of Death in Shyish

Their List:


Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine

Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480)
- General
- Lore of Shadows: Pit of Shades
Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (330)
- Prayer: Blessing of Khaine
Hag Queen (60)
- Prayer: Catechism of Murder

20 x Witch Aelves (200)
- Pairs of Sacrificial Knives
10 x Witch Aelves (100)
- Pairs of Sacrificial Knives

5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80)

Total: 1250 / 1250
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 59

I win drops and elect him to go first, risking him changing Morathi T1 so I can try for a double. He drops the Heartrenders and their shooting + an Arcane Bolt manage to kill off 5 Ghouls from my big unit as he pushes forward.

I continue my trend of rolling horrifically on my casting rolls but manage to get off FH for +1 attack on the GKoTG and Spectral Host so I can attempt to make a backline-flyover charge as we deployed pretty close. I decide to go ahead and bring in 1 Varghulf to support the Ghouls and 1 unit of Flayers on the right and the left to put some pressure on his choices if he wins priority. The right Flayers and GKoTG make their charges as well as the 10 Ghoul unit into the Heartrenders and thanks to FF, I manage to kill the Cauldron and put 3 wounds on Morathi with the TG. Other than that, the 10 Ghoul unit kills off 4 Khinerai and the Flayers + TG manage to kill off enough of the 10 Witch unit to make the rest run. I went big on this turn so I didn't park on any objectives as I knew I had to strike at Morathi with everything I had to get her down ASAP.

I (thankfully) manage to get the double which pretty much seals the deal for Morathi assuming I can roll halfway decently. I believe I failed 4 of my casts this turn which didn't leave me surprised at all but managed to get off Miasmal Shroud and leave the Witches at -1 to hit. Anyway, going into combat saw Morathi receive her last 3 wounds and the 20 Witch unit down to 14 from the 5 Flayers.. he rolled his saves pretty hot this entire game which was nuts to see. On pile in with Morathi, I get my GKoTG to be within 3" of the right objective and cap it. I was about a 1/2" shy on the left since I opted not to auto-run my AA. 1-0 FeC

With not much left, he does everything he can to push me back and manages to kill off all the Flayers.


He gets the double, charges the GKoTG and kills it which was pretty much a Pyrrhic victory for him personally.

On my turn I finally get off the Chalice and get +3 attacks on the 10 Ghoul unit and charge it into the remaining Witches along with the Varghulf and, well, it's pretty much just a slog-fest with him bringing the Ghouls down to 2 left, but the Chalice returns 6 more.

We go into his T4 just to see if he can kill the Varghulf but he fails and concedes after the Varghulf retaliation kills her leaving him with 2 Witches left. 7-0 at the end of my turn, FeC victory.

Overall Thoughts
I've really been struggling with the army, had a bad couple of games Thursday against Seraphon losing my 1st this league and tie-ing on the second (not going to bother posting as I made poor decisions in both games and I knew better) and I've honestly just missed playing my Skaven. That said, I still enjoy using them and I think DoK was a great match-up since he practically 1-shot the TG.. of course had he managed to change Morathi on his T1 I imagine this would have gone far differently. This is one of my favorite Battleplans to play as it forces both players to play a little more offensively than how they might normally if it were, say, Scorched Earth (one of my least favorites). Great opponent, great game and I look forward to more. There's about 7 weeks left in the league (going 2 weeks per 250 points increase now instead of 1 week) so I'll hold out and keep the batreps coming. May have 1-2 games next week, but time\availability will tell. Currently standing at 12W-1L.

Game 2: Seraphon - Places of Arcane Power in Shyish

Their List:


Allegiance: Seraphon
Mortal Realm: Ulgu

Slann Starmaster (260)
- General
- Trait: Great Rememberer
- Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak
Skink Starpriest (80)
- Artefact: Miasmatic Blade

20 x Skinks (120)
- Boltspitters & Star Bucklers
10 x Skinks (60)
- Boltspitters & Star Bucklers

4 x Razordons (160)
6 x Ripperdactyl Riders (280)

Shadowstrike Starhost (180)

Endless Spells / Terrain
Chronomantic Cogs (60)
Balewind Vortex (40)

Total: 1240 / 1250
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 71

He goes first and grabs 2 VP's right away. Razordons teleport over to try to kill off my AAR's but they whiff, only causing about 2 wounds which get healed on my turn. He moves his Slann on the back right Objective while he takes 20 Skinks and a Starpriest middle and carefully tries to position against a charge with the TG.

I (for once) manage to get off Chalice and UV which really makes me feel safer against the Rippers. I deployed in such a way he had no good target for them T1, but I knew he was trying to bait the TG out in the open so that he could drop them down. I go ahead and drop 3 Flayers down to threaten his Slann in the back and 3 up front to handle the Razordons. Varghulf comes in on my left to sit on the Objective with the 10 Ghouls. Since I had Chalice and UV, I went ahead and charged the TG right into the Skinks and luckily maw was in range of the Starpriest.. unfortunately after all that combat, I wasn't in range of the Objective, but everything got wiped out. 2-1 Seraphon.

He wins priority and (surprise) brings down the Rippers into the TG and I nervously roll dice as he manages to take it down to 5 wounds remaining. Since the TG hardly suffers from being bracketed, it easily wiped them out with FF. I roll pretty horrifically end of phase and only get 3 wounds healed on the Chalice.

I heal 2 more to the TG and I begin advancing my center Ghouls and AAR's to claim the objective to free up the TG so it + the Flayers can contest the back objective. I charge the unit of 2 Flayers in so they can remove Doppleganger cloak. 4-4 Tie.

We call it there, as he knows that having removed his Cloak it was only a matter of time before the TG and Flayers ended the Slann.. and he would just lose points if he moved off of it. Major Victory FeC.

Overall Thoughts
Well, since I played like an idiot against Shadowstrike last time, I wasn't about to do that again. I felt confident with Chalice + UV that even if I lured out the Rippers, they wouldn't be able to kill me as easily..and even if they did, I was certain the 30 Ghouls could take them out and I would still be left with plenty to take middle and contest the right. I think this battleplan benefited me though and playing something where bodies control more spread out objectives it would have been tougher as Seraphon excels at these types of battleplans.

Game 3: Tzeentch - Shifting Objectives in Shyish

Their List:


Allegiance: Tzeentch
Mortal Realm: Shyish

Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars (180)
- General
- Trait: Magical Supremacy 
- Lore of Fate: Bolt of Tzeentch
Tzaangor Shaman (180)
- Artefact: Wraithbow 
- Lore of Change: Fold Reality
Magister (140)
- Lore of Fate: Glimpse the Future

20 x Tzaangors (360)
10 x Kairic Acolytes (80)

6 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc (280)

Total: 1220 / 1250
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 90

I allow him to go first as I beat him on drops. He only manages to get off 1 spell due to some poor rolling and he moves everything up and caps the center (worth 3) with a bit of guidance from me on screening his Heroes to be more than 3" away from the TG.

On my turn I only manage to get off the -1 to hit realm spell on the Tzaangors and everything (back to normal!) else fails to go off\is unbound.. but mostly just fails to go off. I opt to go ahead and apply pressure by bringing in 3 Flayers + Carghulf on the right side to contest the 6 Englightened and bring 3 more Flayers in to support the TG. I charge the TG into his left flank and wedge it in-between the Acolytes and Tzaangors while the right Flayers and middle Ghouls charge into the Enlightened and Tzaangors respectively. I know that with so many activations that it's impossible for him to not get the Enlightened RR'ing everything.. so I opt to go ahead with TG first and do pretty average. I opt to save my free FF for the Enlightened but.. even with it the 3 Flayers only manage to kill 2 of them and get wiped out in return. Ghouls kill about 5 1/2 Tzaangors and only 3 get killed. 5-3 FeC.

I get the double and decide to take it.. again getting off a single spell. I get the Flayers into combat with the Gaunt Summoner and take out more Tzaangors + Acolytes with the TG but decide not to FF as I wanted him to at least have a chance of hitting back. Instead, the 10 Ghoul unit that charged the remaining Enlightened got FF'd and actually took them down to 1 remaining... so yeah, 10 Ghouls did more work than 3 Flayers, somehow. Middle Ghouls finish off the Tzaangors and remaining Enlightened and he calls the game there, knowing he doesn't have much in the way of coming back. 10-3 FeC Major Victory. (Sorry, I forgot to get a picture of the end table)

Overall Thoughts
I think FeC is a tough matchup for Tzeentch, to be honest. I talked with him a bit afterwards and I believe things could've swung more his direction if he positioned more defensively to prepare for a possible double turn and worried about objectives later. That way he could've got the Enlightened into the TG and (even without the RR's) could've done some damage to it and possibly taken it out which would've been a big blow. This is a great objective for us and really just solidifies why I like taking 40-60 Ghouls over heavy Flayers (RIP my Deadwatch list idea)

End of Week Thoughts
So, after a couple of bad Seraphon games, I pulled it together and started playing smart again.. I was really just losing touch with the army and dreaming of playing my Skaven again. I still love FeC and they aren't going anywhere.. they'll definitely always be my go to for a monster-heavy\CC heavy army. That said, I can tell you that I've really not been a fan of Flayers. I think that's largely due to them only being in units of 3, but man... when you typically are only doing 4-8 wounds on average it's just demoralizing to use them. I'm going to start building 6 Horrors today and see how they treat me.

The League organizer decided to make each 250 points increase last 2 weeks, so starting Thursday next week I'll be posting up games at 1500 which will largely end up being the same list (40-10-10) with a Ghast Courtier and I may try running Palisade for that sweet roadblock, especially against Khorne, Fyreslayers, etc. I tried to squeeze in Ghoul Patrol, but I just wasn't sure if it was worth it as I would have to drop an AAR to do so. Anyway, thanks for the read as usual.. feedback always appreciated.

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