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Lormora the Lascivious, Keeper of Secrets at 80% completion.

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My Keeper of Secrets is around 80-85% complete.

Weapons aren't fully done. Gems aren't done because I don't have the gem paints (local shop has a $5 for unlimited access to paints for a day deal, so I'm finishing every model that wants gems painted before I get them done to get my money's worth), but the left hand is fully magnetised for whip/hand/dagger/shield and the right hand is magnetised for spear/sword. The head is also magnetised, with the ponytail head being in two parts so it can fit over the collar. The large robe isn't attached because of the difficulty of applying it with magnetised pieces, so instead I attached the jewelry of Shalaxi on the back of the model with the collar so that the back wasn't quite as boring. My stanchions for the red carpet are currently primed and drying, so that'll be done later this week.

The concept for Lomora was just a star walking down the red carpet, blocked off from the rest of the people around. I'm considering placing two daemonettes as "bouncers" of sorts on the outside of the stanchions, but whether I actually do that is still in the air. If I did, I'd probably use the extra daemonette models from my Exalted Chariot kits, since you get one extra per Exalted.

I'm also thinking of giving her a saxophone to match the rest of the army, but I'm unsure about that. Lormora could also just be walking ahead of the orchestra behind her, the glory of her stature manifesting around her in the form of an endless red carpet, with the orchestra being the eternal fanfare of her arrival.

Any thoughts?

C&C appreciated.

Keeper of Secrets.png

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It looks amazing.


Here I was building up the courage to start painting mine, and then you show this off...

Great work. I hope to see the finished model as well.

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