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I’ve gotten all the looncurse models assembled and I now a sizable Gloomspite Gitz army to paint up.  I’m waiting to get a red ink wash before I finish them so we will see how long that takes.  

I was doing a little thinking and I’m thinking of having these guys come as a newly arrived faction to Arranoc that came while the isle shifted into the realm of life near the time the bad moon was near the area and after the moon left the squig herd found its way to one of the outer druid-kingdoms and have since been rampaging their way through towns and farmlands.  Being beaten back a few times they have begun to spawn more and more squigs in proportion to the grots.  These grots rely very heavily on their squigs for everything from transportation to food and pride themselves on their ability to “break” their mounts which would account for the higher number of bounderz in the army.  

I feel like I need to come up with a definitive timeline and mechanism for how the island continent moves from realm to realm .  It would be a fun thought experiment any way to be sure.  If anyone has any suggestions on my lore choices for any of my factions I would love to hear them. 




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