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The Vanguard-Hunters

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The Golem


Here are my Vanguard-Hunters of the Stellar Champions Stormhost stationed in Ulgu. They tirelessly explore the wilderness of the Coast of Fleeting Hopes, in a radius of several leagues around the city of Port Stellis. Their mission has multiple objectives.

First, they have to fight and eliminate the fiercest monsters who sometimes prowl a little too close to the city. They are sometimes helped by motleys of aelf privateers who are always interested in capturing these creatures or butchering them for commercial purposes (whether whole or in pieces, these monsters can always be sold to interested customers).

Second, Vanguard-Hunters must regularly update the maps of the region, as it changes with the passing of illusions and fog. In Ulgu, the topography of a place can be as ephemeral as a fleeting hope or a fallow light... What seemed to be a mountain can ultimately turn out to be a shadowy and murderous abyss.

Third, the Hunters keep check on creatures known as mist wights who are frail but ferocious. Sigmar's warriors regularly hunt them down and slaughter them before they become too numerous and dangerous. But it seems impossible to kill them all because they always come back, as if they were born out of the fog. Therefore the Vanguard-Hunters kill sufficient numbers of mist wights from time to time in order to prevent them from proliferating. They are sometimes helped in this task by Voredd the Ogor warrior who always enjoys fighting and smashing opponents.

(you can click on the pictures to display them in full size if you wish)









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The colour scheme looks excellent, and it's a really nice paint job. The little bits of freehand are just right! Cool bases too. 

The lore is interesting as always. I'm curious about the mist wights.

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