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Armies on parade: I'm gonna do it!




So anyone who knows me is going to read this title, let out a laugh and say "What? Lightbox paint to a deadline? That'll never happen!" and well... I mean I do have a track record that would prove them right but regardless I'm making this pledge. Even set myself twice a month phone reminders to keep up with it.


So I'm deciding to start a new conversion project for this one and that projects theme is going to be: SEA AELVES!

And I don't just mean idoneth... i mean various aelves in blues, greens and turquoises led by a badass mermaid. Now I bet you're wondering "Lightbox how will you make a mermaid?" WELL BEHOLD MY AMAZING MICROSOFT PAINT SKILLS TO SHOW YOU THE MOCKUP OF HOW I PLAN TO DO IT!!Untitled2.png.c7fc719e5062cab4b19c911b9d8deda0.png

May alternatively use a demonette head or greenstuff some hair onto it. Colours will of course be BLUE and frankly if I can build it with just the one fish tail I'd prefer that to the 7 billion.

She will likely be joined by a mix of idoneth and wood aelves as I have some of the latter and I do actually plan on using semi-converted idoneth as the bulk of my force. But it should be fun to play with the colour pallette and get a really nice blue army as I haven't painted something like that in a long while :)

I'll try and keep my progress updated on here and hopefully we'll see this project go from amazing MS paint edits to real life well painted models!

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Do it! Sign a pact with nagash for your soul in order to motivate you to meet the deadline for fear of becoming another expendable bedsheet! I've been tempted to try for armies on parade as well, I'll see what I can do for my Slaanesh/Slaves to darkness since It'll also motivate me to finish the kitbash ideas i had.

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