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Brayherd Enter the Frey

Kevin K


Finally completed this months set of models that sees the Brayherd reinforcements.  I went with a fairly straightforward paint scheme, partially because that is what I like and partially because of time.  This competition really helps push to finish things.  I know a bunch of "not quite finished" parts of these models but am still pretty happy with them on the table.  Definitely better to be done. 

I tried a bunch of different skin colors and a couple hair colors on the Ungors.  Let me know what you think of them.  Do they look good mixed?  Should I stick with one?  If so, which?  I couldn't really decide.





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These look ducking awesome.  They fit really well with the scheme of the dragon ogres and I really like the variation in skin tone on the ungors.

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Good job, love how these are looking. Clean work with solid basing, just all around superb. I also like the skin variation, it brings some visual interest to a unit I feel can be a little bland or samey somethings. 

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