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Three hags and a nag.

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Just a quick update. I put the Jalopy of Doom on hold to work on my priestesses. (...of Doom).

I’ve never been excited about the hag models. Bigger hair is a fairly reliable way of depicting officers in Warhammer, but these girls just weren’t doing anything for me. I wanted them to be more mysterious, more creepy and even terrifying to the average Johann.

I finally realized the best way fix this was to use the Melusai masks. It definitely set them apart from the rank n’ file welves. Then I replaced their knives with sickles.  This gave them a druidic feel. All in all, I think they’re more interesting and unique. It also fits my fluff... the Temple of the Shattered Veil has rejected Khaine to worship Morathi directly, despite not knowing the full truth of his demise. The priestesses are slowly taking on the features of the Melusai, gaining scales and snake eyes. The masks allow them to deal with the other factions of Order, but each hopes to one day shed their humanity to gain the full power of becoming a Bloodwrack Medusa.


I also repainted my Doooomfire Warlock leader. Got some conversion ideas for this group as well, but took me a while figure out the colours. Originally had pink manes, but it was too bright. Turquoise tones it down slightly.


This is how they looked before:


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Loving this! Both conversions  and painting, did you put a step by step of those  Doomfire somewhere?

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No steps, just some photos of experimentation. I take photos of paints to remember which colours I used on a project, because I have a horrible memory. 




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Love the Hags! Especially like the one converted from the Dark Sorceress - brilliant!

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Thanks! She’s the second DS I’ve converted and painted... such a great model to work on. 

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