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Derby Wargames Monthly Challenge 2 - Silver Tower Character




Ive been making steady progress on my entry for our clubs Paint a Silver Tower Hero competition ready for next month. So far I have made reasonable progress on the metals, although I do want to go in with a bit of weathering and some scratches in places. Ive also finished the red robes, although its pretty subtle and doesn't really photograph well. One thing I wanted to try and create was a Golden Demon style base for him to be displayed on. I found a chunk of wood that I cut and sanded to shape and then went to town with some play bark and cork which is topped off with some plasticard. I then filled the whole thing with filler so it could be sanded square. Tonight I've added in the pipe and the rocks to start to add some Duardin ingenuity to the whole thing. I have to add a small overflow pipe coming out of the rocks and I'll be adding some water effects to the base when its finished. Whole thing needs to be completed by the 7th June....







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