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Current situation on the Troggherd




So here we see the current Troggoth situation. We have a Hag, Gargant thats made from a 6th ed Gargant and Troggoth parts and I actually have 6 Fellwater Troggoths painted already but here we see 3 in the picture. I have 3 more being painted right now and 6 more still waiting in my drawer. 


Now my armies wont be 100% Troggoths as I'm putting in a single Madcap Shaman for some spell casting and Hand of Morking stuff around. The amazing horde clearing spell that is Morks Mighty Mushroom is also joining my army.

 I'm really exited about picking up the Troggboss tomorrow and placing a preorder for Mollog. I'm trying to finish my 3 Fellwater troggoths today so I can immediately start working on the Troggboss. I have a practice game next week where I will be playing the Troggherd and I'll be sure to do a small report on how it went here on my blog.

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