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The Luminark of Hysh

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I have a kind of love/hate relationship with this miniature. Both, from a painting and a gaming perspective. :)

It took me ages to paint this one fully and I have to admit that I wanted to quit several times during the process. There is just sooo much detail in this miniature that it would be crazy to paint everything to full extend. So I made mine to good tabletop standard, I guess. The best moment was when I finished it and was able to move to something else.

At the end I`m happy with the finished model, dispite the fact that especially the blue highlights could be much better and  that I just don`t painted a lot of details.20181202-IMG_5344.jpg.83a549d8d78dafc0b98cc43fe03c2454.jpg

But i couldn`t resist and magnetized the top construction. So i can even play it as a Hurrikanum. So I gladly don`t have to paint another one of these :)


From a gaming perspective this model is really an up and down. It has one shot with the top laser. 3/3/-2/6 with 30" range. This is just brutal, but you cannot imagine how often it`s just missing. On the other hand I won games just because of this 6 damage shot .

In the end I guess that I`ll always take him. He just makes the opponent consider this threat and creates a real large bubble of potential devastation :D

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The blue/gold combo is so strong that no one will notice if it’s “just” tabletop quality.  Overall it’s wonderful to look at!

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