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30 days of hobby: More varanguard and a start on kairic acolytes




So as per usual I have continued to work on my beloved varanguard. With 2 of squad 1 almost finished and squad 2 now base sprayed caliban green for something a little different. Figure hey why not really differentiate the squads, get that proper multiple bands coming together as everchosen feel.IMG_20181224_194517.jpg.d34f71f7056b9c9c31116ddeb9638f72.jpgIMG_20181224_194531.jpg.b204dc765cdcd3618ab05911f147c3cf.jpgIMG_20181224_194558.jpg.912c28927e2964c8aacaf76bc8354da2.jpgIMG_20181224_194604.jpg.44abb45fafaf93e5903b1eaa1b66d5ad.jpgIMG_20181224_194613.jpg.d6dd81b4d8bc6ed60e1a667082085b12.jpgIMG_20181224_194619.jpg.57b039a6de62277d49b5114eccb424f5.jpgIMG_20181224_194626.jpg.5cc506482c0208c79b8ec44414d64c03.jpgIMG_20181224_194633.jpg.b4995a91ae0780d482cdb7f98f929a7a.jpgIMG_20181224_194718.jpg.5428f5ea1092158fa40202b1442b729b.jpg

Whew that's a lot of photos of beefy horsemen!! So let's have something a little different. I started on batch painting my 10 kairic acolytes I'll need, doing them very quick and dirty because I need to teach myself not to spend hours on single footsoldiers who are gonna be surrounded by lots of others and die in droves. They're far from finished but definitely a good start and mostly now just need smaller details, feathers and then highlights.



Though I plan to do more later I am taking a break for now in order to play a game against my dad to try out my list for Friday's Warhammer world 2v2 where me and another man of the same name playing khorne will square off vs my dad and another guy playing bonesplitters & ironjawz. (Fun fact, all 4 of us have names beginning with J)


Wish me luck!



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