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The first Handgunners



The first unit to be finished were the 10 handgunners i bought the first day.  I looked around in the old warhammer fantasy lore for a good colorsheme a long time. An decision wasn`t easy to made but at the end I took to the blue and yellow of Nordland and never regreted since. I really like the colorful look which most armys kinda lack in my opinion. I also decided to color those clothstrips they have attached in varoius manners to symbolize the regiment they belong to. Greenish tones for missle units.

When i called them done on the 8th of march, they looked like this:20180307_220737.jpg.f9ca0d93f2955661f141f0ecf86d8c7f.jpg

Nothing too fancy, but i liked them from the start. Nethertheless i came back to extend the painting later. But these 10 guys are only half of the unit. I went for some other minis in between but by the 3th of april i finished the other half of this unit.


They already have some green on their bases and the second layer on the uniforms is more bright. Which i like really much.  Someday later I added another layer to them and finished the banner.

Today the 10th rifles of the Nordheim army look like this:


The champion with the long rifle is called Jonny. jonny is a real marksman and even shot Nagash right into the face. :)

Until now these are my only handgunners. I still have another unit of 20 assembled and primed but they`re still waiting for some paint.


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