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The Beginning



It was the 23th of february in 2018 when a colleague of mine started a get-to-know-warhammer-event in our company. Thanks Pete! 😀 I was hobbying some years before with a tiny force of some chaos warriors in 8th edition, but never got them to the table. So i was eager to play my first game. Due to Age of Sigmar the rules where easy to understand und we all had a really nice evening. During the whole event i told everbody that i don`t have the time to hobby again.

The next evening i sad at my desk which looked like this:


I went to the local store right after work and bought the only Free People kit they got. Handgunners! The old painting station was banned to the cellar for years. But the colors and primer were still in good shape so i was able to start directly.  I won`t explain the decision for the free people because it`s clearly the only sensable one. For everyone :)

I tend to exaggerate a little some times. And Warhammering was no exception in this case. 3 days and an express postal service later my desk looked like this:


20 Guards with sword and shield, 10 Handgunner, a General on horse to lead them into battle and the cannon for boom! The first army around 500 points ready to go.
Unfortunately the painting took far longer than the assembling. :)

In this blog i want to documentate the evolution of my free people army. It`s planned as a kind of timeline which i can read from time to time to bring back the good memories. Also i`d like to get some feedback and opinions for the painting, conversions, listbuilding and general hobby mischief I`m doing all day. An improvement in my english skills will come naturely, hopefully. :)

Thanks Pete for bringing me back into the hobby!


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