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Wyldwoods spring to life.




So CrimBOBO is done and it was out of this world amazing, it was my first ever AoS event and I've never felt so welcome. Gnarlroot did me well but I learned I need more bodies on the table, so going forward to the Sheffield Slaughter I'm going to give Harvestboon a go with a more Dryad focus. That said, it's time to carry on with the hobby and for CrimBOBO I rushed my Wyldwoods as I forgot I had to do them. Now I have the time I'm going to go back over them so they're more cohesive and look nicer. I finished the first one and I'm pleased with the result, I think it looks cohesive with the army and is pleasing to look at. I hope you guys agree, let me know what you think :)





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The static grass looks a bit unnatural, try spreading it out more casually or give a quick drybrush! Apart from that, great looking Wyldwoods!

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