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It's been a while since I've been able to take any decent photos but in the last few months the Blood Cult has really come together. Apologies for the shoddy photos.

I've finished:

1 Cauldron with magnetized Avatar and Mirror. Cauldron designed to fit 1 of 3 models, a Slaughter Queen, Hag Queen or Medusa

30 Witch Aelves with paired daggers

15 out of 20 Witch Aelves with shields and daggers

2 of 3 Medusae, one converted using an old metal Morathi head to represent Drusala Dark-talon the Gorgon Sorceress, she has her own  converted 40mm base too.


3 of 4 Death Hags

1 of 3 Slaughter Queens with a converted 25mm cauldron base. 


the Ynnari model Yvrainne who will proxy as either a Hag Queen or Slaughter Queen on a to be converted Cauldron


5 out of 15 Blood Sisters

10 out of 15 Khinerai (5 Lifetakers, 5 Heart Renders) 

1 of 5 Doomfire Maidens (converted warlocks)



Other items on the painting-converting table are:

Darkling Covens Sorceress

A converted Morathi, using a Bloodwrack Medusa body and hand with Heart from Bloodbowl Witch Elf. This is early days and some sanding and pairing of the GS needs to be done.


Heaps of Sequitors 

Astreia Solbright



1 Loremaster

1 Archmage

1 Tzeetnch Sorcerer/Fatemaster

1 Chaos Sorceror on daemonic mount

And a few Underworld's warbands' bases

That's about it for the moment. Will post up some lore for the DOK force soon and try to get some decent photos next month

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