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Leaving a Mark, battalion identification

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When I play a game on the tabletop a minor issue that always gets to me is when two identical units end up in a combat and then everyone has to try to work out which models are part of unit A and which are part of unit B. My way to work around this at unit level is to add a distinct variation to each units models such as having a shoulder pad, plume or hilt a specific colour. This works well for a quick head count.

In the bigger picture I find the same issue reoccurs at a larger scale where battalions give different units bonus rules. Where the question arises “were these blood warrriors part or the Slaughterborn or Red Headsmen?”, ok it’s Khorne so the question probably should have Gore Pilgrims In it. I thought that as this project is going to be running 8 different battalions within a super-battalion it would be best to add a layer of distinction from the outset. Ideally this should make it clear to both me and my opponent which unit is in which battalion. and, should I ever get all ~10k points done, look epic on the tabletop.

i have tired to base the model variation around the wording and description on the description from the battletome


As personal bodyguard to the Mighty Lord of Khorne the Slaughterborn will have a ‘clean’ scheme, matching the lord, without any variation. These will be the first battalion that I put together, as I will be helpful to have reference models painted for other aspects of the project 

Brass Stampede

 The Brass Stampede is the only faction source of juggernauts so does not need any scheme variation, if it’s on a juggernaut then it’s in the battalion. Saying that I will still look to add a brass  trim to the model, either on the hover or as an edging line to the armour.

Red Headsmen

These guys will have armour in a clean scheme but their weapons will have a  red hot glow effect to them. I plan to do this with a white metal base and then use glaze red and yellow to represent the glow.


  This warband are dedicated to the collection of heads. To represent this I will  build all models  with the Skullreapers skull trophies, blood reavers etc. I will also  leave them off other skull reapers in other battalions.

Dark Feast

 Add tattoos to all the models in this battalion, most the models are  pretty much topless so skin based distinction seems logical. This one is not so much based on description but just a means of distinction as nothing stood out in the fluff paragraph. Hopefully I will improve my freehand by the time I get to these guys, as currently I struggle with edge highlights.

The Gorechosen

These guys are the killers of the army so they will have Blades of a different colour/metal to represent their access to the best weapons. They will also have skull stacks on their bases representing how many heads they have taken,

Bloodbound Warband 

These will have  blood effect on the models and bases, representing blood rain. Use Matt red/brown blood for more or a drying blood.

Gore Pilgrims 

Blood rags, made of greenstuff, will be this units unique factor. The idea is for them to represent the scrolls and blood paths taken for the pilgrimage.


This mob will also be covered in blood/gore with Blood for the Blood God technical paint. I am hopeful theses guys will be far enough from the Bloodbound warband to maintain a clear distinction


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