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Warhammer Achievements 18 Preparation

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Not much preparation was possible this year due to weddings and life, but a brief introduction to The Red Gobbo for Warhammer Achievements 2018


He'd done it, the Pylons were his. The Harbringer was Triumphant. Mork was looking upon him this day and was smiling.

As the Pylons activated The Red Gobbo looked to his Moonclan and realised the cowards were running to escape Nagash. A Pylon flickered as green Waaagh energy was replaced with the haunting Green energy of Shyish and the Undeath. The Red Gobbo's Power was diminished but not finished. He lashed out psychically but his energy disappated before the demi-god. He felt other Pylons change to the new power, as across the realm Gork and Mork were pushed back by Shyish.

He had to escape, and called his leviathan - the Kraken - to rescue him from the imminent attacks of Nagash. As he swooped in on the aethereal waves of energy the Kraken picked up The Red Gobbo and flew towards Nagash, looking to distract him before escaping. As he passed, the Kraken swiped at Nagash's book and grabbed it from his suprised grasp. They flew higher, and both Kraken and grot let out a yell of triumph. Mork would be impressed with his success.

However, his success was short lived. Nagash turned from his other distractions, and a spectral sword sliced through the Kraken's tentacles holding the book. The Kraken dipped, but quickly recovered. But the book was gone, and it slowly descended back into it's owner grasp.

They flew, and the Red Gobbo resolved to find more shamans to strengthen his fight for Mork and bring greater glories to his God... and himself.

Thanks to Steve Foote for arranged the Narrative Event at Warhammer World for Coalescence. Sorry it took so long to write up!

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