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The first Gargant of the Host and a Challenge...

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Working out a 1000 point list to test out the battletome when built, also looking for anyone willing to do games at Warhammer World to help test and shape the Battletome as it develops.

Stormtitan Venomtongue Shaman (Infamy: The Red Mist) - Stumpstave.
The Redmist infamy (-1 to hit in shooting phase) helps offset his origin flaw (enemies reroll 1's to hit when shooting him), this gives me the chance to make a more noble stormy looking Gargant and combine it with bits from the Archanok kit to make a spiderlike shaman to reflect the fact he is venomtongue. His ability allows friendly gargants to use their least wounded profile 

Bogdrinker Battleborn (Infamy: Of Ghyran) - Drakecleaver and Gargant Buckler
By running Bogdrinkers as battleline the pair can cover a larger distance with their Bravery debuff, and with the Infamy of Ghyran this gargant will keep healing until he is put down fully. By using a Gargant buckler he is more resilient in close combat (able to save even the most rending of blows). 

Bogdrinker Battleborn - Massive Club
Since friendly non-bogdrinker models suffer the bravery debuff from this marshladen Gargants it made sense for both battleborn to be Bogdrinkers, taking the massive club for this one means that when the Venomtongue casts his spell I have the highest chance of triggering those mortal wounds with 3D6 attacks from this model.!

Rockhewn Longarm - Gargant Bombard
Slow but resilient (Halving enemy damage characteristics) the Rockhewn made the most sense to become the Longarm of my host, the range of the cannon offsets his slow movement well and he can sit on an objective long enough to deter enemies.

Ikar Bezerker Longstrider - Gargant Impaler
Hitting like a steamtrain and outflanking this Gargant should harass the enemy Monsters, combining his native tusked Ikar origins every 6 to hit with the massive spear generates another attack offsetting is low attack numbers (4 damage a piece though!), and the ability to come on from any table edge means he has a degree of tactical flexibility


So as to the challenge, once the 5 Gargants in this list are built I'd appreciate anyone willing to bring a balanced 1k list to Warhammer world to help clash with the gargants and balance out the fledgling battle tome!


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